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About Us

We at Adelaide Gems have worked and continue to work long hours to scour the globe for high quality unique jewelry for jewelry lovers who are ready and willing to buy what they want with no doubts or hesitation.

Sultan or Sultana Ottoman style jewelry heirloom Genuine .925 silver jewelry

We offer Genuine .925 silver rings in Sultan and Sultana style jewelry is our special love. We love style, design and quality of an era gone by and we sell a great price 

Feel like a queen or a king, a sultan or a sultana, go back in time yet forward into the present with rings and other jewelry that stands out and will be noticed. They make that royal statement and looks and feel great too.

These are handmade and most are made after you order. They are intricate and are made by craftsmen/ family that have past on their skills down to their generational line. Some of these skilled jewelers are from the lines that were the ones making jewelry for the Sultans and his Haram back then and dignitaries and so on.

Sultana Fashion Jewelry

Some of our sultana type jewelry are just fashion jewelry so please read description carefully.


African Statement Jewelry

We sell quality African jewelry for the King or queen in you. If you like to make a statement it does not matter what culture or race you are you will find something in our African line to fit your Bohemian taste.


Moroccan Antique jewelry

We are also collectors of Moroccan antique jewelry, most of the antique jewelry are shipped from our home here in the USA and also from our home in Morocco.


General Jewelry facts

Our jewelry are created in different parts of the globe and most of the newly made jewelry comes directly from the creators/jewelers.

Whatever you read here regarding the state of jewelry listed, it is just as said. For example we sell very fancy genuine real .925 silver for that genuine flair and fit for collecting as heirloom jewelry.

We also sell fancy looking faux silver for fashion wear so please read each description very carefully to be sure you know what you are buying. We tell you exactly what you are getting.

We sell from lower end scale for fun to luxury for serious collectors.

Our items have an Estimated 7days to 3weeks shipping time to get to you, depending on what it is and the shipping method available.